Nested workspaces

For those who miss old nest_ws.lua the new API of Ion3 allows you to attach new tiling workspace to current WMPlex with:
_:attach_new({type="WGroupWS", switchto=true}):attach_new({type="WTiling", sizepolicy="full", bottom=true})
So your submenu, probably will look like:
defmenu("menuattach", {
    menuentry("Float WS", "_:attach_new({type=\"WGroupWS\", switchto=true})"),
    menuentry("Tiling WS", "_:attach_new({type=\"WGroupWS\", switchto=true}):attach_new({type=\"WTiling\", sizepolicy=\"full\", bottom=true})"),
As I understand there is no more pane workspace.
P.S. That's true for ion3-20090110